Publisher Announcement regarding All Magazine Titles

With the ever increasing hostile environment of hard copy magazine publishing, IGP LTD have taken the decision to update publication formats for all three titles with immediate effect. Please see below information for each individual title.

Model Farmer

Model Farmer continues to be a popular publication now on its 50th issue and with a world class production team comprising David Laley, Harry Bell and others, we anticipate the quality of content within the magazine to continue to improve in the coming issues. We are however mindful of your feedback and the increasing effect of the internet and social media platforms on the hobby. It is with this in mind that we have made the decision to increase page count of the magazine in line with reducing the publication frequency to 4 issues each year. This will enable us to provide more in depth features on collectors, diorama, specialist models, custom modelling and shows. Whilst there is still a place for model reviews, our focus will shift to more enthusiast focused features enabling our readers to view content not available elsewhere on social media, or online. 

We have also taken the decision to cease publication of Plant & Machinery Model World as an individual magazine, moreover, we will be adding a new supplement each issue to Model Farmer dedicating a number of pages to the hobby of construction models. 

Truck Model World

Truck Model World continues to be a sought after publication however after feedback from many readers, we have taken the decision to re-launch the title in a new format focusing the title towards more hobby themed features. The title will continue to consist of all elements of the hobby pertaining to kit building, custom building, parts, diecast, Radio Control, Build Guides and other features. The magazine will now be built and worked on by a consortium of enthusiasts to celebrate the hobby in greater depth, giving you all opportunity to have a much greater say in what TMW publishes each issue. As a result, the title will over time, increase in size but as per its sister magazine, Model Farmer, frequency will now drop to 4 issues each year. 

We look forward to some exciting developments with this title and welcome all hobbyists and enthusiasts to contact us with ideas, suggestions and potential contributions. 

Update 8th July 2019

Discussions are on-going with regards to the future of TMW. The next issue is in development however is it not yet known if this will be published by IGP. 

Plant & Machinery Model World

Plant & Machinery World, formally Tractors, Plant & Machinery is a magazine dedicated to the hobby of construction diecast and replicas. Now on its 31st issue, it is with sadness that with immediate effect, the magazine will no longer continue to be published as a separate entity title. With ever increasing costs of production and the onset of social media, the concept of specialist niche titles becomes ever harder to sustain in the hard copy publishing sector.

Moreover, PMMW will become a featured multi-page supplement as part of its sister magazine, Model Farmer. We will continue to bring you the latest news, feature reviews and other features relating to the hobby of construction models but it will now form part of a much larger magazine combined with agricultural collectables, published 4 times each year.

If you have any queries relating to any of the titles above, please do not hesitate to contact us on

01775 724939 or via email at